domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016

The end of the road?

Four months ago I began my adventure in ICT’s through a subject of the Master I’m doing. All showed that it would be a hard and difficult subject for me, because new technologies were not one of my strengths; so at first I was not very motivated in this work.

The good fact that this subject had, was that our teacher had perfectly organized all the contents: each task came with its corresponding "instructions" and its possible "solutions" so that little by little I was completing all missions, as you have seen in each post of this blog.

To sum up all my work, I have created a video. You can see this video to enjoy my exciting journey through the subject:

I created the video with the application "go animate". I already used this app for my e-project and as I found a useful and good tool I've used again to complete this task.
This time I have recorded my own voice and I have created a character, "similar to me."
What do you think about my video?

About my subject I would like to say that:
My favorite task was to create my own Digital Identity. For me this blog and my twitter account are currently two essential things, while four months ago meant nothing to me.
As a teacher I like to transmit my knowledge to the whole world and now I think that through social networks many people can read my comments and use my tools and materials. This is fantastic! Isn’t it?
Therefore, I could say that my three favorite activities of the course were:
- Create a blog
- Create a twitter account
- Use my blog and my twitter account

And if I could change something so that the subject was better in the future, I would change the duration of the course. I think it would be better if it lasted the whole year and not just one semester. In this way we would have more time to do the activities and we would obtain better results. Sometimes I thought that having one or two extra-weeks I could have had a much better result.

Finally, to finish this post I want to thank all my classmates for their help in the difficult moments. Because when I did not know how to perform a task they have helped me. Thanks to all.
And also thanks to my teacher María Jesús, for her patience, for explaining the same thing five times so that we might be able to understand it and for lending us her help at all times.

Our subject ends today, but we still have a long road ahead.

Image from pixabay