miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Prototype video clip with Goanimate

Hello everyone!

I present you my Prototype Video clip.

For this activity, I had to make a video explaining a CLIL project. The project I've done and I’ve chosen is designed for first grade students and It’s about the mammals.

Once I had the project, the next step was to make the video. I have to say that, for me, this has been the most difficult part of the job because I had never made a video, I had only made presentations using PowerPoint or programs like that.

To find the appropriate online tool, I looked at several of them but I was looking for a tool that had the option to add audio without recording my own voice; the fact that the program itself add voice facilitates the task for children, especially for the little ones.

I finally decided to use GoAnimate and I am very happy with my result. It is a very intuitive tool, It has many predesigned vignettes and a lot of effects to add to your video. The problem I've found is that the free app only allows you to share videos through using the web link and also leaves a watermark in your creations, but nevertheless, I think it's a great tool.

I hope you like my video and please, leave a comment about it!

Image from Pixabay

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2016

My Edesign Evaluation

Hello everyone! 
 For this project I´m going to evaluate the eBook made by one of my peers of last year, Alvaro Martin. His eBook is about the beautiful world of animals .
or the presentation of my evaluation I have used Genially. Genially is a tool easy to handle, and also provides plenty of possibilities to create numerous projects, presentations,etc.
Finally, to realize this evaluation I have used this rubric.
In the presentation you´ll see “score 1, score3…” to
understand what it means here you have my evaluation developed according to the Rubric:

Quality content:
The eBook has coherent contents related to the animals´ topic. The objectives are clearly established, but the author of the publication doesn’t specify how will he manage each of them through the activities proposed. For example, one of the contents is that children recognize the oviparous and viviparous animals, but I have not found any activity to develop this content.
Score obtained: 2
(Max. 3)

The eBook analyzed includes various multimedia tools through them the blog author develops the content. Some of the tools that Alvaro mentions in his blog are:

1. Skeleton: with this tool he plans all content that he wants to develop in your blog.

2. Canva: with this tool he creates presentations he uses to explain the contents.

3. Listly: he uses this tool to create lists, in this case he has a list of useful tools to use as a resource.

4. Google Slides: he uses this tool for you design presentations

5. Animoto: he has used this tool to create videos. It is a good tool, but the free version leaves a watermark in the video that makes it less appealing to the eye.

6. Storyboard: he used this tool to create a comic. the tool is very useful and easy to use.

7.Cacoo: he uses this application to create a framework in which all the contents of your eBook appear. This is a good way to organize.

8. Padlet: online tool that the author of the eBook used to create an online place where students can ask questions about the subject. Students can also answer questions of their peers in order to help them.

9. Soundcloud: he uses this tool to create a funny audio challenge in order to check if the students have learned the contents of the subject.

Score Obtained: 3
(Max: 3)

The eBook doesn´t show inclusive practice because of it is not adapted for people with special needs such as for example visual disabilities or hearing disabilities.
In the case of a child with special needs of this type, this child could not make observing activities (such as presentations) or hear (such as audio challenge). A proposal to solve this problem could be to accompany all activities of visual and sounds support at the same time.
Score Obtained: 0
(Max: 3)

Innovation and originality:
All the content that appears in the eBook has been created by his author so this eBook contains original content.
The approach to the subject is imaginative and attractive, all activities are very visual so they attract the attention of children, and this will help children to learn better the content.
Score Obtained: 3
(Max: 3)

And finally, here you have my  edesign evaluation 

*Images from http://alvarorosado22.weebly.com/