lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

Stories in the classroom. More than just a simple narration: a great teaching tool.

Good afternoon everyone!!

A long time ago without writting on this blog, but today I want to share with you the work that I have done. It is a work related to the master that I have studied and of which I have already spoken to you in previous posts of the blog.

The work aims to demonstrate the importance of stories as an educational resource. In addition, this work can be useful for teachers to see the amount of utilities that stories can have in the classroom.

The work has a theoretical part and two practical parts. The first practical part is a survey that I have done to know the current use of stories in class. The second practical part is a prototype of an online-library for the first grade of primary education. The library has a selection of useful stories to achieve curricular goals.

I don't want to go too deeply into the explanation of my work because I prefer that you read it fully, so that is why this entry is quite brief...

I hope that you find my work useful and I would appreciate that in the comments of the blog you write your opinion!!

Thank you very much and here I leave you the link to the work: Stories in the classroom. More than a simple narration: a great teaching tool.