domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Learning about Infographics

I've heard that word several times, but until now I had not stopped to inquire about it.
As teachers, we spend our whole day explaining things to our students, sometimes words fall short and we have to find new ways to explain. Infographics are a good tool for this because they combine words with pictures and are very explicative.

Do you want to see an example? 

Here you have the one that we have done explaining our animals project. As you can see, we have created a vertical infographic.

But, how we did this infographic?
To create our Infographic we used the program Piktochart , is a program easy to use: you must register on the website and once you are registered you can start to create.

In these screenshots you can see that there are several types of infographics: infographic, presentation, poster and report. So first you ought to select the type of infographic you are going to create and once you have done, various free examples appear, so you can select the one you want and then start with your infographic. 

There is also a Pro version that allows you to use more models, but this version is not free.

When we finished this task I learned that infographics are a good tool to teach because they provide visual support to our explanations. Moreover, they are easy to create so our students can also create their own infographics to explain their classworks.

TEACHERS OF THE WORLD: Make use of this tool! I hope you have learned something interesting about infographics with this post and I also hope that my tutorial on piktochart be useful to you. 

When we finished this task, infoedugrafías rewarded us with this beautiful award:

You can leave me a comment with the infographics you do, enjoy!

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