domingo, 13 de marzo de 2016

My Edesign Evaluation

Hello everyone! 
 For this project I´m going to evaluate the eBook made by one of my peers of last year, Alvaro Martin. His eBook is about the beautiful world of animals .
or the presentation of my evaluation I have used Genially. Genially is a tool easy to handle, and also provides plenty of possibilities to create numerous projects, presentations,etc.
Finally, to realize this evaluation I have used this rubric.
In the presentation you´ll see “score 1, score3…” to
understand what it means here you have my evaluation developed according to the Rubric:

Quality content:
The eBook has coherent contents related to the animals´ topic. The objectives are clearly established, but the author of the publication doesn’t specify how will he manage each of them through the activities proposed. For example, one of the contents is that children recognize the oviparous and viviparous animals, but I have not found any activity to develop this content.
Score obtained: 2
(Max. 3)