lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

The License chosen by Teresa Martín

- What does your license lets others do with their e-CLIL materials?
 The license that I have chosen for my blog allows others to use my resources for non-commercial purposes.Also you can modify or adapt my resources, but the new material obteined should be shared under the same license and my authorship should be recognized too.

- What are good ways to motivate our students to use material Creative Commons and attribute correctly?
Sometimes we think that all the information available on the Internet belongs to everyone, but it is not always true. there are many resources and pages that have copiright and therefore we can not plagiarize or use in our classes as resources. It is important that we as teachers teach this to our students, we must explain to them that on the internet, there are public pages that they can use.
Performing the activities of the last block of contents of this subject, I discovered this page I encourage you to use it because it is a very good tool.

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