lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

A slideshow that supports learners training

This post is about a task included in a collaborative project carried out by AporTICs. To complete the task we have to create a slideshow explaining the use of any online tool. 

My peers and I decided to make our presentation about how to use Aurasma because it is the main tool of our animals’ project. 

About Aurasma I have to say that It's a great tool for us as teachers and also for our students to learn more about Augmented Reality and to use it for learning content in an engaging and motivating way.

To create the presentation we used the tool “Google Slides” which none of us had used before. Google Slides offers almost the same options as Power Point and it is quite similar to use, so it has been easy for us to learn how it works: You can add pictures, videos, links, animations and so on. In our slideshow, we added pictures, a YouTube video, several links and also we used different text types to make it more visually attractive.

Finally, I leave you the presentation we have created and I hope you can learn a lot from it!


I hope you have learned a new way to create presentations, apart from Power Point, and I hope you will use Aurasma because the world of "augmented reality" is really great and very motivating for our students.
As you see, the TICs world is very wide and allows us to discover new ways to teach our students.


Image from pixabay

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