lunes, 18 de abril de 2016


Hello bloggers! 
For this post I have prepared something very sweet... have you heard about choco-talks? 
It is people who meet for a sweet-snack in order to discuss about interesting topics. And this is exactly what we did last April 7th!

Our talk was about CLIL so, by teams, we had to prepare the topic we wanted to try and select a speaker, which is a person from each group to speak as representative of all during the choco-talk. The speaker of our team was Guillermo.
and the others speakers were: Rubén, Álvaro, Neus, Inma, Laura, Patricia, Lola , Celia and our teacher María Jesús.
The next step was to promote the talk. For it our teacher created a poster and a post in her blog to publicize the event and then we made our own publicity as a team, what do you think about our poster?

People in charge of publicizing the talk by social networks were Sara and I. I want to say you that disseminator work is fun and hard at the same time, you have to be aware of a thousand things at once, but the work was worth it. My partner Sara and I had a great time being the disseminators of our team and certainly we would do it again!

When the day came, the speakers were connected through an online application that broadcast on youtube, If you could not see it that day, here I leave you the video of our choco-talk:

During the talk, as I said before, Sara and I were the disseminators so we tweeted a lot of relevant information about the talk. We also create surveys to know the opinion of our supporters.

Once the talk came to an end, Marina, Laura and María had to cure all information which was treated during the talk in order to create a Storify summarizing the content. Storify is a great tool to curate information. It is intuitive and easy to use. 

Do you want to see how does it works? Here you can see our work:

And finally I must say that all of this was part of a collaborative project created by the blog tertuliasconsaborachocolate. When we finished the task we send it to the directors of the blog and they rewarded us with this award:

I really enjoy this task so I recommend you that if you ever can be part of a choco-talk don’t be afraid of it, participate!

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