lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Augment World Book Day!

Hello everyone!

As you know, last April 23 was the Book Day. To celebrate it, my classmates and I made a special task nameds: What type of reader are you?

To perform the task, we had to create our own “Aura”, as you know because I explained it to you here, Auras are the images we create with the Aurasma program that come to life when you scan it.
So to carry out the task I first had to ask myself what kind of reader am I? And the answer to this question is not easy... 
There are people who are clear about the kind of books they like to read but I'm not that kind of people. I am an eclectic person; I think I can learn something useful from anything and the same happens to me with books. 

Throughout my life I have read a lot, I like reading, I enjoy reading; for me reading is a way of disconnection, when I'm stressed I read and I feel relaxed, but I insist that I do not like a certain type of book I like that people recommend me their favorite books, I usually follow their advice and I read it.

I like teen-novels, I like adventure and mystery books and I also really like tales and children's books. As I actually work in an Infant School I have a big collection of tales, but as I said I do not just read, what kind of reader am I? I’M A SUPER READER!

And now that you know a little more about my literary likes, you can see my trigger-image in Aurasma: as you know first you have to follow my channel called t.martindobl and then scan my photo to see the video that appears.

If you cannot see the video through Aurasma, don’t worry! Here you have the video:

Finally with all the trigger-images created, our teacher has created a board on pinterest called "A wall of books" you can see the work of all my classmates across that board.
I hope you like and do not hesitate to leave me a comment!

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