domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

3,2,1, Introduction with Storybird

In this post I want to show you my 3,2,1, introduction and explain you what it is.

A 3,2,1, Introduction is a quick way to present yourself to others. The presentation should contain:
- 3 things we should know about you
- 2 of your favorite activities in the world
- 1 dream occupation you would have if you weren't in the field of education (or wherever you are)

To create a good 3,2,1 Introduction you have to choose a great tool. There are a lot of apps and webs on internet that you can use for this. My teacher gave us a list of applications to choose the one we wanted to create the introduction. 
From that list, I chose Storybird to create my artifact.
Storybird is a fairly intuitive and a simple way to create stories. It has a lot of pictures you can include in your stories and also you can create your own pictures if you want.

The main reason I chose Storybird was because I´m a story lover and I thought "what better way to introduce myself that through a story?"

It was great to create stories with the computer rather than drawing and colouring as traditionally done.
For me, as teacher, I consider it´s a great resource because stories have an important role in education and with this web you can create stories related to any topic or even your students can create their own ones to present any subject.
Other interesting fact allowed by Storybird is that, if you want (and pay) you can make your creations into real tales.

To conclude this post, I leave you my introduction hoping that you like it and It serves you to know how I am and how Storybird works:


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